2019: North European Juche seminar

The scientific accuracy and truth of the Juche-orientated theory of socialism

On November 1, it’s 25 years since comrade Kim Jong Il‘s monumental work ”Socialism is a Science” was published in Rodong Sinmun.

In this work, Kim Jong Il sets out the foundations on which Korean Socialism rests and analyzes the causes of the failure of other socialist states. The work emphasizes the human-centered perspective that is fundamental to the Juche idea where humans social and creative abilitys forms the basis. The work also emphasizes the importance of ideological unity, collective efforts and the strong relation between the leadership of the Party and the people. In his work comrade Kim Jong Il condemns those who have distorted and abused socialism for their own interests and thus been corrupted both materially and ideologically.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the publication of this publication, the Swedish  Juche idea study group is organizing a European webinar together with representatives from the Korean Association of Social Scientists who are  visiting Sweden. As part of this papers from study organizations in Northern Europe  will be published  on this homepage.

This webinar is also a part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the Swedish Juche ide study group which is held 28 august – 4 november 2019. Below you will find an introduction to Kim Jong Il:s paper by Korean Association of Social Scientists, KASS.

You will find Kim Jong Il’s work Socialism is a Science here:

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Korean Association of Social Scientists:


Introduction by KASS

“Socialism Is A Science”, the immortal classic work of DPRK Chairman Kim Jong Il is a historic document that gave scientific explanations to theoretical and practical problems arising at present in the socialist movement on basis of the Juche idea, thus enabling the world revolutionary people to turn out in the true socialist movement more vigorously.

The work defended scientific accuracy and truth of socialism from the imperialists’ challenge and the opportunists’ distortion and decisively demonstrated validity and invincible vitality of socialism.

The work has three systems.

Saying that socialism is a science, the work underlines that it will surely be restored and win ultimate victory for its scientific accuracy and truth although socialism temporarily experiences a heart-rending setback because of opportunism.

The work clarifies that in order to realize the popular masses’ independence, it is imperative to advance toward socialism with the Juche idea as a guide.

The work also clarifies that it is the scientific accuracy and truth of Korean-style socialism that it is based on the most correct Juche-oriented viewpoint and stand toward man.

The work also clarifies that socialism must set up the popular masses as masters of everything in the society proceeding from the Juche-oriented viewpoint and attitude to them and the benevolent politics should be enforced.

Marx’s Communist Manifesto is a declaration which proclaimed start of the socialist movement based on Marxism, whereas Chairman Kim Jong Il’s immortal classic work “Socialism Is A Science” serves as a historic declaration of the era that announced restoration of the socialist movement based on the Juche idea and fresh advance of the cause of socialism.

The Swedish Group for the Study of the Juche Idea will hold the North European Internet Seminar on the Juche Idea under the theme, “Scientific Accuracy and Truth of the Juche-oriented Socialist Theory” on the occasion of the 25th publishing anniversary of the immortal classic work “Socialism Is A Science.”

The seminar will be participated not only by the Juche idea followers and public figures from all strata in North European countries including Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway but by many friends and personages in different countries of Europe including UK, Germany, Russia, Spain and Italy.

The seminar will be held from October 28 to November 4, 2019.