Alejandro Cao de Benos (Es)

Socialism is a Science

The work of our Great Leader Generalissimo KIM JONG IL ‘Socialism is a Science’ is a masterpiece that analyzes the failure of socialist projects in other countries as well as explains the reasons why the Juche Idea remains invincible in the DPRK even against all kind of threats, sanctions and pressure.

It is common to hear in communist circles that ‘Juche comes from Marxism’, but in another essential work ‘On the Juche Idea’, our Great Leader KIM JONG IL clarifies that such assertion is not correct. Juche is a new and original idea that solves the limitations of the Marxist theory, made many years ago for a society in different conditions than the ones we live in. Furthermore it does not take into detailed account the cultural or religious differences and the need to preserve the harmony and compatible heritage.

The union of the masses to become a single body is something unconceivable for many people. Also the key importance of the Leader, as the centre of those masses, is many times perceived and wrongly labelled ‘Dictatorship’.

This perception comes from the corruption of the socialist ideals, the influence of anarchism and the lose consciousness of the individualistic person that does not want to accept any authority but just fullfil his selfish desires without looking around him.

This phenomenon is widely seen in Europe, as there are more newly created parties that pretend to defend the interests of the workers’ and oppresed people, but they just forget them after achieving seats in the parliament and becoming wealthy.

The union of the masses into one body, and a honorable leader in the centre, are the 2 center points that become absolutely necessary if any country wishes to achive its independence and build an indestructible socialism.

The explanation that the ideology must be always priority over the material and economic conditions is another precious gem. If the material conditions in the creation of the new country is implemented without giving a proper education and building the socialist spirit into the human being, capitalism and individualism will grow inside the system, creating factionalism that eventually will destroy the revolution. This can be compared to the situation of the DPRK today, without the Songun policy the enemy would conquer and destroy the country no matter how much developed the economy is. Likewise the building of socialist economy is worth nothing if it can be destroyed anytime from the inside, by the corruption of one part of the population that is not armed ideologically (Even if they enjoy the most wealthy material life).

Another big error during certain communist revolutions, was to implement the idea that the origin of your class determines you as member of the people’s masses. In this way only if you are a son of farmer or worker you could be part of the new country.
In some places like Cambodia, under the Red Khmer, that idea was brought to the extreme, and you’ll be executed just for wearing glasses, since it was a sign of being an intellectual burgueoise. This is a completely wrong concept and is as unfair as the capitalist caste system of countries like India.

The fact that one person is born in an aristocratic family does not mean that such person must keep and follow the ideology of his parents. To classify and name a person based on its family of birth is cruel and generates hate in society. Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels or Ho Chi Minh were not precisely poor people in their origins, but they became great leaders because they could organize and lead the masses to the victory.

Self sufficiency and self defense is another necessary shield for socialism. When a country depends too much on foreign aid and assistance if the godfather decides to cut the help, the country will suffer tremendously. This is the case of Cuba’s excessive dependence from the USSR. After the removal of socialism in Europe and Asia, the consequences in the economy of the island were terrible, and they continue nowadays until the point that they had to implement a market-based economy with private businesses and private property, effectively ending the full socialist economic model.

Finally there’s another lesson to learn from our Generalissimo KIM JONG IL: Authority abuse and burocracy will make the masses to lose truth in the system.

It is well known that in the years previous to its dissapearance, in the USSR there was a big gap between political leaders and the regular population. Also a complicated and slow bureaucracy that could not resolve the demands of the population and created blockades in the development of the Union. So any socialist country should have the way to prevent lazyness among officials and encourage improvements and speed in their actions. This was also developed by our Great Leader KIM JONG IL in the DPRK, where he instructed that unproductive state companies will not be a buurden any longer, but they have to asume responsibility and generate revenue for the state.

In this way nowadays, a lazy or corrupted official is easily identified and re-educated. And any abuse of authority, specially for personal gain, is heavily punished thus reducing dramatically the possibility of corruption in the Republic.

As the years pass by, the invincible DPRK following the ideas and principles from Our Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG and Generalissimo KIM JONG IL, will continue demonstrating the superiority of the Juche Idea that becomes a reality in the people’s paradise guided by our Beloved Marshal KIM JONG UN.

Alejandro Cao de Benos
President of the Korean Friendship Association (KFA)



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