Aleksandr Shapovalov (Ua)


The ideas of Juche – a scientific socialist doctrine that was created by great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and developed by great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.  The ideas of Juche are truly brilliant and original. This is confirmed by the fact that these ideas are popular in many countries of the world among the progressive part of the intelligentsia and the working masses.

What is the brilliancy and originality of Juche ideas? First, that the ideas of Juche – new philosophical ideas, in the center of which stands a human.

The philosophical principle of Juche ideas, putting a person in the spotlight, illuminates his place and role in the world. The words “man is the master of everything” mean that man is the ruler of the world and the master of his destiny, and the words “man decides everything” mean that he plays a decisive role in transforming the world and deciding his destiny.

In addition, the most important principle of Juche ideas is independence, creativity and consciousness, which are social features of man, formed and developed socially and historically. Independence is a property of a social person striving to live and develop independently as the ruler of the world and the master of his destiny. The ability to creativity is a property of a social person who purposefully transforms the world and decides his fate. By virtue of the creativity, a person transforms the old, creates the new and more and more actively transforms nature and society in his interests.

Illuminated by Juche ideas, the approach to the world around us puts man in the spotlight – the ruler of the world. To have an approach to the world around us, putting a person in the center of attention, means to relate to it based on the interests of a person. The approach to the world around us, developed by Juche, is truly revolutionary: it allows people with a high consciousness of the ruler of the world and the master of their own destiny to independently, creatively, consciously transform the world and decide their fate.

The Juche worldview, based on a philosophical principle: man is the master of everything, and he decides everything, is the most correct worldview of our days.

A particularly important point confirming the originality of Juche ideas is the assertion of their principles in ideology, which includes several important points:

  1. The affirmation of the Juche principles in ideology is the first priority requirement arising from the course of the revolutionary struggle of the masses for independence;
  2. To establish Juche in ideology, it is necessary to arm yourself with the revolutionary ideas of the working class, the line and politics of your party;
  3.  To establish Juche in ideology, one must know one’s country perfectly;
  4.  To establish Juche in ideology, one must have a high sense of national pride and revolutionary dignity;
  5. To establish Juche in ideology, it is necessary to develop a national culture and raise the cultural and technical level of the working people;
  6. To establish Juche in ideology, it is necessary to oppose the obsequiousness and all other remnants of the past.

The establishment of Juche in ideology is the liberation of the human mind from the shackles of old views, it is an ideological revolution aimed at establishing a new, Juche worldview. The interests of establishing Juche in ideology require the elimination of any old ideas that contradict it, the consistent uprooting, in particular, of the obsequiousness.

In addition, the genius of the Juche ideas lies in the fact that they exert a powerful influence on the spiritual and moral life of the human, on the process of revolutionary transformation of the world. They cause great sympathy among the peoples of our planet and give a powerful impetus to the historical movement of our time, which is characterized by a desire for independence.

It is also worth adding to the above that Juche revolutionary theory is a truly revolutionary theory of the working class of the Juche era, an immortal communist revolutionary theory that always triumphs with the fight for independence of the working people.

The conclusion to all of the above can be the thesis, which clearly and proudly runs through the whole Juche ideology: the Juche ideas are a fighting banner leading to victory for the working masses who are fighting for the creation of a new world and the solution of their destiny!

Aleksandr Shapovalov

Chairperson of the Lviv Society for the Study of Juche Ideas

Chairperson of the International Democratic Union



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