Andrei Jerzev (Ru)

Characteristics and Vitality of Juche-oriented Theory of Socialism

Dear Comrades,

This year we greet the 25th anniversary since the day when the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il published the revolutionary work “Socialism Is A Science.”

In the hard days when the communist parties in several countries were defeated due to harmful acts of renegades of socialism, Comrade Kim Jong Il declared to the world that there is no change in the line of the Workers’ Party of Korea. He clarified the truth of history that building of a socialist country is an urgent demand of the era that can be checked by nothing.

As I was born after dissolution of the Soviet Union, I would like to underline the vital issues arising in studying Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism in the region.

What guarantees the vitality of the Juche-oriented theory of socialism?

How could the Korean people defend socialism despite the collapse of the socialist camp?

What one should not forget in talking about the characteristics of the Juche-oriented theory of socialism is that we should consider it has been invariably perfected in every stage of the DPRK’s state-building history rather than we should consider it as the creative development of Marxism-Leninism as it is the original man-centred revolutionary theory. Ideological and theoretical root of this theory began to strike in the practice of the anti-Japanese guerilla struggle of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army led by distinguished General Kim Il Sung, the founder of the Korean revolution.

For the first time he advanced the major philosophical principle of the Juche idea that man is the master of everything and decides everything and the revolutionary principle that the popular masses are the masters of the revolution and construction and they have strength to accelerate the revolution and construction.

Thanks to Comrade Kim Jong Il, considering the masses of the people as the motive force of the revolution, strengthening it and enhancing its role was put forward for the first time in history as the basic way of making revolution. The WPK has regarded enhancing the role of the masses as the key to registering victory in socialism and advanced the cause of revolution step by step.

At the time when bureaucratism, formalism, and flunkeyism prevailed in some socialist countries and dependence on foreign forces was dominant, the glorious WPK has impeccably made out its own political line and thoroughly applied it, thereby consolidating the country scientifically, technically and ideologically. During that period, the policy of three revolutions–ideological, technological and cultural–was put forth, enabling to further accelerate the socialist construction and achieve single-hearted unity for a common aim.

The leader’s role is strengthened and continuity of the revolutionary cause is ensured and thus the socialist construction could make constant progress.

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung advanced the fundamental principles of the Juche idea, the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il comprehensively succeeded the Juche-oriented theory of socialism and put it on a systematized and scientific basis. The common achievement of the great leaders is that they established Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, the revolutionary ideology of the DPRK.

Today when the DPRK’s prestige is increasing in the international arena, more and more world progressives admire the success made by socialism of the DPRK. On behalf of our organization and myself, I express firm conviction that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un will advance the revolutionary cause of the Korean socialism and comprehensively develop and perfect the Juche-oriented theory of socialism in the future, too.

Andrei Jerzev, Chairman, Group of Solidarity with DPRK

Editor-in-chief, Red Star TB


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