Concluding remarks

Concluding remarks

The Swedish group for the study of the Juche Idea would like to thank the Korean Association of Social Science and all who submitted their contributions to the Northern European Internet seminar on the Juche Idea.

The Northern European seminar on Jucheidén was a great success.

The seminar took place between October 28th and November 4th. The seminar was held by the Swedish group for the study of the Juche idea in collaboration with KASS to mark the 25th anniversary of the publication of the epochal work of the dear leader Kim Jong Il ”Socialism is a science”. During the seminar, more than 20 works from 15 different European countries were published.

The theme of the seminar was ”The scientific accuracy and truth of the Juche-oriented theory of socialism” and during the seminar the work of dear leader Kim Jong Il and the historical experience of the Korean people in the construction of human-centered socialism were discussed and analyzed.

Kim Jong Il’s work ”Socialism is a Science” is a magnificent development of Marxism and describes the scientific foundations on which Korean socialism is based. Kim Jong Il’s work is epoch-making in the development of Marxist theory and clarifies the scientific and philosophical foundations that have created the successful Korean socialism. The Korean socialism overcame the constraints that arose and led to the failure of socialism in the former Soviet Union. By putting their trust in the masses of the people and recognizing the people as the creative force that drives history and society forward, a Korean form of socialism developed which demonstrated its scientific accuracy by standing firm when other countries suffered a reactionary return to human-hostile capitalism. The achievements of Korean socialism are obvious to anyone who has visited the country, and the experiences of the Korean people are therefore of great importance to all people who want to build socialism.

Dear leader Kim Jong Il clarified man’s place in the world by describing her basic attributes as an independent, creative and conscious being living in a social and political community. The life of man is only dignified and meaningful in a social context in which her creative and independent ability is given free rein as the creator and converter of the world and society. Therefore, in order for man to realize his potential, a society free from subordination and oppression is a requisite, a socialist society. In human-hostile capitalism, man is reduced to a slave under the will of others and to a tool for profit maximization. Under capitalism she is deprived of her dignity and ability to exercise her creative ability. Through the individualistic approach in capitalist society, man is deprived of the collective community which is a prerequisite for a dignified and meaningful life.

In contrast, Korean socialism puts the masses of people at the center and is based on the will and needs of the masses. The masses of the people are the basis for the development of society and by relying on the people, Korean socialism has won big victories. In this, ideological work is the first priority because it is through political education and awareness that the people can elevate themselves to the masters of society. Through ideological training, a monolithic unity is created between the people, the party and the leader. Through mutual trust and care, a new society is created in which the individual is given free rein for his creative power within the framework of a socio-political collective with a common goal and purpose. In this collective, the individual becomes part of a larger goal and her value as is multiplied in the work for and with the collective. In the socialist society, for the first time in history, the full potential of man is realized. To put it in the words of the great leader Kim Il Sung, in the socialist society, the people are God.


The Swedish group for the studie of the Juche Idea