Daniel E Svensson (Swe)

Korean style Socialism with Juche oriented view is the most superior and scientific socialism 

The great generalissimo Comrade Kim Jong Il taught. On this basis, the theory explained that if the building of socialism is to succeed, a vigorous struggle must be waged to occupy the two fortresses of socialism and communism, the ideological and material fortresses, and that here, absolute precedence must be given to the struggle to take the ideological fortress.(Socialism is a SciencePage 5)

The great Juche Idea, the revolutionary ideology of the Workers Party of Korea, is a ground breaking philosophical advancement for socialism. The Juche idea was founded by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung as a means of rallying the popular masses, the main force of the revolution, in order to remove the Japanese imperialists from the motherland, defeat the American imperialist aggressors and build a strong socialist country.

The basic principle of the Juche idea is that man is the master of his own destiny. No ruling bourgeois class or divine deity decides man’s fate but man by his own means decides the outcome of his destiny.

The main essential quality of man is that he is an independent, creative and conscious individual. No other philosophy in the world has come to this conclusion. These essential qualities show that man is a social being.

Social beings are dependent on the collective for their survival and development as a human. On their own man cannot gain independence and therefore in order to achieve independence has to contribute to the collective so that the collective as a whole can achieve independence for itself.  The collective is the means for the popular masses to gather around.

The popular masses are the driving force behind the revolution. Without the popular masses the revolution cannot advance as they are the main force behind the revolution. The popular masses on their own however cannot achieve the final victory. The popular masses need the guidance of the leader and the Party in order to be victorious. The leader and Party is the only one who can arm the popular masses with the correct method for struggle. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that the popular masses support for the leader and the Party unfalteringly.

A patriotic education and feeling of love for the fatherland, nation and people needs to be instilled in the individual. The basic principle behind        Kim Jong Il’s patriotism is the warmest love towards the people and the socialist fatherland. Under the banner of Kim Jong Il’s patriotism, the Party instils love towards the fatherland, nation and people in the popular masses through collectivism. Patriotism is an important part of the development of a man’s socio-political integrity and man can only learn this from the social collective he is a part of. Having love for the people will lead to a fulfilled socio-political life, but without it then life is useless.

Armed with the Juche Idea and Kim Jong Il’s patriotism the Korean people have been able to build a strong powerful nation and demonstrated that no obstacle can stop them from advancing Korean style socialism. The Party under the wise leadership of the Marshal Kim Jong Un has made Korea into a powerful state known around the world. Even with the harshest sanctions placed ever placed on a country Korea, under the Marshal’s leadership, has managed to build a strong military and economy simultaneously. And finally the great Marshal Kim Jong Un has shown his prowess as an unparalleled diplomatic leader bringing leaders from Russia, China and the USA to the negotiation table. This is why the Korean style socialism with a Juche-oriented world view is the most superior and scientific form of socialism to have ever existed.

Daniel E Svensson, The Swedish group for the study of the Juche Idea.


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