Dmitri Kochenko (Ru)

Comrade Kim Jong Il Stood in Defence of Socialism at Historic Turning Point

November 1, 2019 marks the 25th publication anniversary of Comrade  Kim Jong Il’s important work “Socialism Is A Science.”

Beginning and middle of the 1990s in the writing activities of revolutionary theoretician Kim Jong Il is the particularly important period for us, the Russian people.

In his several works published in this period Comrade Kim Jong Il profoundly analyzed the process in which socialism was frustrated in some East European countries, correctly noted the mistakes made in the building of socialism and clarified the ways to defend the cause of socialism without repeating the bitter experiences.

Those works are “The Historical Lesson in Building Socialism and The General Line of Our Party”, “Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable” and “Giving Priority to Ideological Work Is Essential for Accomplishing Socialism.”

These works pointed out that the negative that swept over several socialist countries was caused by some serious mistakes made in developing socialism.

The climax among the works with above contents is “Socialism Is A Science” published in November 1994. The work clarified the ways to defend the cause of socialism without repeating the bitter experiences.

The work pointed it as mistakes that due attention was not given to the issue of ideological confrontation with imperialism, bureaucratism and formal attitude towards party work prevailed in communist ruling parties of those countries.

Comrade Kim Jong Il noted that one of the main reasons why the counterrevolutionary forces got the better of was that the countries, where socialism was frustrated, conducted the ideological education at a low level. The authorities of the East European countries put it as their primary task to promote material well-being and increase living conditions of the population, whereas the DPRK gave priority to the socialist education of enabling man to take more consideration of social interests, the interests of the collective and the state dearer than those of individuals.

Comrade Kim Jong Il said that it is a temporary phenomenon in view of the main trend of historical development that socialism was frustrated and capitalism restored and that socialism will win sure victory.

Comrade Kim Jong Il said.

Socialism is a science. Socialism has been frustrated in a number of countries, but scientific socialism is as alive as ever in the minds of the people. The imperialists and reactionaries are fussing about the “end of socialism,” with regard to the events in some countries which had been building socialism. The renegades of socialism try to justify their despicable betrayal, claiming that the ideal of socialism itself is invalid. However, the truth cannot be concealed or obliterated. The crumbling of socialism in various countries does not mean the failure of socialism as science but the bankruptcy of opportunism which has corrupted socialism. Although socialism is temporarily experiencing a heart-rending setback because of opportunism, it will without fail be revived and win ultimate victory for its scientific accuracy and truth.

The work “Socialism Is A Science” has three chapters.

In chapter 1 great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il clarified in detail the essence of the concepts individualism and collectivism and clarified that human society is developed through transition from individualism to collectivism. Meeting the private demand of an individual person is not contradictory to the demand of the collective. Only in the socio-political collective one can display one’s individual personality to the full and highly develop one’s mental and physical potentials through independent desire. Collectivism can only make it possible to strengthen unity and cooperation of the collective and stimulate creative zeal of all members of the collective.

Comrade Kim Jong Il also said that the subject of the social movement consists in the masses of the people and they undertake the socialist construction as it advances. This is the difference between the Juche-oriented view on the masses of the people and the role of the socio-political collective, which consists of them, and the outmoded and bankrupt theory based on economic determinism that was applied in the Soviet Union and other East European socialist countries. According to this wrong view, in the socialist society it is enough simply to realize a higher level of economic development and welfare than in the capitalist countries and educating the masses of the people and participating them actively in politics is a matter of secondary importance and less attention.

Comrade Kim Jong Il also regarded man as the subject of history and clarified the importance of man remoulding that places interests of the society and collective above the individual need and egoistic interests.

“In socialist society, the transformation of man, his ideological remoulding, becomes a more important and primary task than that of creating the material and economic conditions of socialism. Only when precedence is given to the transformation of man, will it be possible to strengthen the driving force of the revolution and increase its role, and thus build socialism successfully. If the ideological remoulding of the popular masses is regarded as a matter of secondary importance and the work of strengthening the driving force of the revolution and enhancing its role is neglected in socialist society, while attaching decisive importance to the objective material and economic conditions and concentrating only on economic construction, the building of socialism as a whole cannot be carried out properly and economic construction itself cannot avoid stagnation.”

In chapter 2 of the work Comrade Kim Jong Il clarified the role of independence, creativity and consciousness and its significance in the development and life of modern man.

In chapter 3 of the work Comrade Kim Jong Il comprehensively clarified the role of the masses of the people and its significance in the Juche-oriented socialism.

Summing up the profound philosophical conclusions made in chapters 1 and 2, Comrade Kim Jong Il stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the work of training and educating ideologically the cadres, the members of socio-political collective. He said that cadres should become servants of the people and make efforts so as to make the people call the working-class party motherly party and always follow the party members as a model of their life.

Comrade Kim Jong Il said.

“The historical lesson shows that it is tantamount to digging its own grave for the socialist ruling party to tolerate the abuses of power, bureaucracy, irregularities or corruption among the cadres.”

As mentioned above, the work “Socialism Is A Science” clarified not only the root cause of catastrophic phenomena occurred in a number of countries from the end of the 1980s to the early 1990s but the reason why socialism in these countries was ruined.

Along with this, Comrade Kim Jong Il affirmed that no matter how complicated the international situation may be, the DPRK will remain faithful to the socialist cause. He also predicted that socialism of a new form will be revived in the world.

Not the socialism itself collapsed but opportunists and renegades, who corrupted the socialism, did collapse it.

Today we are the eyewitnesses of foresight and insight indicated by Comrade Kim Jong Il in his work “Socialism Is A Science.”

At present, more and more people in the world are following socialism and they are studying the experience of building socialism in the DPRK, the country where socialism is defended and consolidated.

Dmitri Kochenko

Chairman , Russian Association for the Study of Juche Idea


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