Dmitry Remizov (Ru)

“Socialism will achieve final victory”

Report of the Rostov Society for Studying the Ideas of Kim Il Sung and     Kim Jong Il to the seminar dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the publication of the work “Socialism is a science”

In November, progressive people of the world celebrated a significant event – the 25th anniversary of the publication of the work of the Great Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kim Jong Il ”Socialism is a science”.

The work ”Socialism is a science” was published in the Pyongyang newspapers on November 1, 1994. Readers on the territories of the destroyed Soviet Union were able to get acquainted with it a little later. The Internet was not available at that time, so the work of Kim Jong Il, translated into Russian, became known through the waves of the Korean radio in Russian. After that, the work ”Socialism is a science” appeared in Russia in print form, and today it is available on computer networks.

1994 was the time of the triumph of the counter-revolution on the territories of the destroyed USSR and the East-Central Europe. At this time, in the period of seemingly approaching darkness of restored capitalism, the words of Kim Jong Il were heard:

“Socialism is a science. Despite the fact that in a number of countries socialism was defeated, as a science, it invariably remains alive in the hearts of peoples. The imperialists and other reactionaries rant about the ”end of socialism”, referring to the events in some countries that built socialism. Stressing that the ideals of socialism themselves are erroneous, the renegades of socialism are trying to justify their vile betrayal. However, nothing can obscure and destroy the truth. The collapse of socialism in some countries does not mean the death of socialism as a science, but the defeat of opportunism, which led to the degeneration of socialism. Due to the fault of the opportunists, socialism is temporarily undergoing difficult vicissitudes, but due to its scientific nature and truthfulness, it will certainly be revived and achieve a final victory”.

In the first lines of his work, the head of the DPRK, firstly, reaffirmed Korea’s commitment to building socialism, in spite of any difficulties in the international situation. Secondly, he predicted the inevitability of the revival of socialism in a new form on a global scale and its impending victory.

It was not socialism that perished in a number of countries, but only its distortion by the opportunists, Comrade Kim Jong Il firmly stated.

In the following lines, he gave an accurate description of traitors, like Gorbachev, who, having thrown back their party cards, from the former ”communists” suddenly repainted as ”liberals”.

“The renegades of socialism,” as Comrade Kim Jong Il called them.

“The renegades of socialism, who played the farce with ‘perestroika’ and destroyed the very socialist economic system, thereby committing an act of counter-revolution”.

“The renegades of socialism are restoring capitalism and, seeing unemployment and poverty as a means of pressure to increase competitiveness and labor intensity, eliminate all the measures that were developed under socialism in the interests of the people. Not believing in the strength of their people and hoping for ”help” of the Western capitalist countries and ”cooperation” with them, they please the imperialists”.

“Renegade”, from the Latin word renego (“I renounce”), is a person who has betrayed his convictions and transferred to the camp of opponents, an apostate, a traitor.

Contempt for the traitors who sold themselves to imperialism is evident in this term. Nothing but contempt deserve people who sold their people in bondage to imperialism.

But comrade Kim Jong Il does not stop at a simple statement of facts, but analyzes the causes of the counter-revolution in the USSR and a number of European countries.

“The attempt to bring people into action with the help of money does not correspond to the nature of a socialist society, and it is impossible to reveal the advantages of socialism using this method. If you try to set people in motion by the power of money, that is, rely on the capitalist method, it is impossible to unleash the revolutionary enthusiasm and creative activity of people. In this case, the socialist system may undergo degeneration and be threatened”.

In these lines it is easy to see the object of criticism – this is the Brezhnev Union. In Brezhnev’s times, the material well-being of Soviet citizens grew, but with it the bourgeois inclinations revived. An increase in material well-being without an increase in the moral level of citizens is the key to reaction, a movement backward, and a moral decline.

“Since the masses are the creators of everything that exists in society, the success of the revolution and the building of socialism depends on how the work to educate the masses is organized”, comrade Kim Jong Il points out.

However, as the saying goes, ”the fish rots from the head”.

“If the struggle against the abuse of power, bureaucracy, fraud and corruption does not unfold in a socialist society, then some unstable leading cadres may reborn ideologically, tear themselves away from the people and form a privileged layer”, said comrade Kim Jong Il.

But in a truly socialist system – the enemy will not pass!

“Our party, having early grasped the danger of abuse of power, bureaucracy, fraud and corruption that can be observed within the ruling party, tirelessly launched a fight against this. Today, our leading cadres, ardently supporting the party’s slogan: “I serve the people!”, As the servants of the people faithfully serve him”, comrade Kim Jong Il stated with satisfaction.

The unity of the party and people in the DPRK is based on the communist principle of collectivism.

“History shows that in a society based on individualism, the independence of the masses cannot be realized. To do this, we must move from a society based on individualism to a society based on collectivism, that is, to socialism and communism. This is the historical outcome of the development of human society”, comrade Kim Jong Il emphasizes.

December 17, 2011, 17 years after writing the work ”Socialism is a science”, comrade Kim Jong Il passed away. Throughout his life, he proved the truth of the principles set forth in his theoretical work. He left behind not only scientific works, but also a great country – the DPRK, which he led through the storms of a harsh era.

It is up to us, his students and followers, to fulfill the covenants of Comrade     Kim Jong Il, the great revolutionary of the 20th and 21st centuries, on the revival of socialism.

Dmitry Remizov

Chairman of the Rostov Society for the Study of Ideas Kim Il Sung and     Kim Jong Il,



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