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Socialism Is A Science

25 years have passed since Comrade Kim Jong Il published in the pen name of “IoaKim” the treatise “Socialism Is A Science” on November 1, 1994, in newspaper Rodong Sinmun, the organ of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Influence of the treatise was so tremendous. It became a matter of concern for the socialist theoreticians and the renegades of socialism in each country of the world.

We still remember that many countries and politicians gave up socialism in succession, the communist parties were forbidden and dissolved under different pretexts and the party members burnt away their member cards. Voice “Socialism Is A Science”, as confident as fresh wind and air was echoed in such a painful and disgusting situation of massive treachery and falsehood and slander against socialism.

Socialism remains still now in the minds of millions of the people. Socialism is alive as labour of millions of the people. Socialism is alive and struggles. Socialism never kneels down before imperialism but defends its position. Threat or blockade by atomic bombs and provocations in border cannot surprise socialism. There is no somewhat “the end of history” nor end of socialism, because socialism is reality. Socialism exists in reality in North Korea, China, Vietnam and Cuba. Socialism is reality of protest of the European working class, the struggle of the American youth, the resistance of the partisans in Latin America and the Arabic world.

Each phrase of the simple and clear treatise gives us conviction and stability.

“The crumble of socialism in various countries does not mean the failure of socialism as science but the bankruptcy of opportunism which has corrupted socialism. Although socialism is temporarily experiencing a heart-rending setback because of opportunism, it will without fail be revived and win ultimate victory for its scientific accuracy and truth.”

Socialism is the people’s aspiration for independence, freedom, sovereignty, social justice and peace.

It is true. Not a certain stage of history but the 20th century has recorded dynamic revolutionary advance and the reformist progress, peaceful advance and non-peaceful advance and the massive advance of the people. The masses turned out on the streets! They demanded a turnabout! No one can drive the masses out of history!

Live among the masses, stay among the masses, organize the masses and feel as the masses do! Many theoreticians of socialism understand it. However, they failed to find here the relevant conclusion. But the working masses aspired after independence and endeavoured to shape their destiny on their own. This is the conclusion the history of the 20th century gives us.

Comrade Kim Il Sung first acquainted himself into the conclusion. Comrade Kim Jong Il, successor to the President, inherited his efforts and speculation and paid attention to it.

Comrade Kim Jong Il said.

“History shows that independence for the masses cannot be realized in a society based on individualism. A historical review of the development of human society proves that, in order to realize the masses’ independence, a society based on individualism must be replaced by a society based on collectivism, by socialism and communism.”

This required us to have a more profound understanding of the present age when we live, that is, one full age of human history.

“Ours is an age of independence, when the popular masses have emerged as masters of their own destiny, as masters who dominate the world. This shows that the transition of a society based on individualism to a society based on collectivism is an inevitable demand of historic development.”

The individual need for independence “is the need as an equal member of a social collective; it is the need which should naturally be met through collective efforts in return for his contribution to the social collective.”

If balance and consistency between collective and individual is realized, individualism and ignorance of individuals can be prevented. Both individualism and ignorance of individuals may lead society to collapse.

The treatise stressed.

“…society based on collectivism, socialist and communist society, is the most progressive society which conforms with man’s independent nature.”

The treatise noted that it is a long historic course to achieve balance and it is gradually realized in the course of overcoming the past, the remnants of capitalist society.

“The survival in socialist society of the remnants of the outmoded society is a passing phenomenon. With the development of socialism, these vestiges are gradually overcome and collectivist principles are implemented more fully in all areas of social life.”

However, such society does not come true of itself. The treatise stressed that the realization of independence is the creative process, a concrete dialectical process. In order to realize man’s independence, it is necessary to realize socialism.

Comrade Kim Jong Il said.

“In order to realize socialism, we must prepare the revolutionary forces capable of doing this and evolve a correct method of struggle. Unless the revolutionary forces and the method of struggle are prepared, the desire for independence of the popular masses who aspire after socialism will remain a mere wish.”

Socialism built on the basis of science is contrary to different sorts of Utopia. The Utopian socialists appealed to “good will” from the exploiter class while enlightening the people. But their expectation of “good will” from the exploiter class was unscientific fantasy and historical limitation.

Within the communist movement, reformists and revisionists insisted “class cooperation” seriously harming the revolutionary movement. Today, traitors to socialism are also clamouring about a restoration of capitalism by harbouring illusions about capitalism and expecting “aid” and “cooperation” from the imperialists. The treatise proved that expecting the “good will” form the exploiter class or “class cooperation” is the road to ruining the revolution, the road to treachery and defection.

This is proved by Russia’s experience of development. Industrial potentials destroyed by restoration of capitalism in 1991 have not been rehabilitated for last 25 years since the treatise was published. Russia lags scores of years behind in human potentials. Income difference between the rich and the poor is 16 times.



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