Jaime Gómez Arjona (Es)

Scientific character and veracity of the socialist theory of Juche

”An experience is never a failure, because it always comes to demonstrate something”

– T. A. Edison

A fraternal greeting to all present on this 25th anniversary of the work of our Generalism Kim Jong Il.

Greetings to all, the great idea Juche joins us here today to have this important meeting with friends from all countries.

The great work “socialism is science” of the Dear Generalism Kim Jong IL, makes an ideological balance in a key context for the progressive masses and for all the revolutionary parties of the world in a time of darkness and confusion, where the only light of Socialism that could be seen on the planet was guarded by the eternal flame of the Juche Tower.

The fall of the so-called ”socialist bloc” does nothing but prove Marxism – Leninism and Juche, the victory of long-term capitalism is possible if ideology, economics and society remain a conception of the social democratic world and not genuinely Orthodox communist. The fall of bourgeois ideology in a socialist country leads to rotting everything that remains of a socialist in that country to travel sooner or later to the restoration of private ownership of the means of production and around the capital contradiction. The imperialist enemy is emboldened before countries where opportunism is established and Marxist-Leninist or Juchist forces are persecuted where the struggle for independence is abandoned and bourgeois individuality and sectoral selfishness of the layers of the proletariat are encouraged and begin to establish privileges for a certain layer, bureaucracy begins to rot the creative spirit and revolution Onario of the masses and begins a process of division between leaders and leaders, the divorce of the masses with respect to their leaders leads to weakness and corruption.

Militarism before an opportunist society leads to critical moments such as in the USSR, for example, with border conflicts with China or with the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, a country with many military and much armament but lacking revolutionary spirit, dominated by a bureaucracy military that sought their personal good over national and social, led to the withdrawal of troops in the face of terrorism or aggression against sister countries. Not forgetting the support for pro-Yankee dictatorships such as the support of popular China to Pinochet Chile and Franco’s Spain.

To be well prepared for the new tasks that concern us, the Eternal President KIMILSUNG synthesized in an idea the method and form that the new revolutionary subject should have to emerge in every victorious battle at the time. I will try to summarize your key premises to establish what is understood about the book.

The prioritization of the ideological and its way of seeing that everything can be achieved if the revolutionary ideas are prioritized and the revolutionary subject is prepared marks a before and after in the theory and practice of socialism.

This idea gave for the first time in history a scientific clarification about the essence of man.

Man is a social being, with independent spirit and creative spirit, not only material or spiritual. He wants to live and progress without limitations.

The historical progress of social development is marked by the degree of progress and the display of the attributes of man.
Bourgeois society makes man only one more commodity in the production of material goods.

Socio-political life is the essence of man if politics oppresses him cannot be an independent and free social entity or develop his essential qualities as a human. As sovereignty and independent ideology cannot be realized in these circumstances.

If revolutionary ideas are supported that serve the popular masses to their emancipation, the class origin of the one who manifests them is not important. Anyone who loves and serves their country can be part of the popular mass.

The popular masses can only own their destiny when they have state power and the means of production in their hands.

The Party and the Leader must be in harmony with the popular mass and listen to their demands and thus never fall into subjective errors or isolate themselves from them. To protect the popular masses and their state power, the nation must be safeguarded.

Political independence, economic self-reliance and military self-defense constitute the guiding principle of the Korean Labor Party.

The popular masses seek happiness and self-realization, for this, material well-being is essential.

Trust and virtue in an exploitative society is impossible between the exploiters and the popular masses, no matter how much the propaganda says reality is imposed. To exercise a true policy of affection and trust, it is essential in the socialist society to have a leader politician who loves the people unlimitedly. If he lacks love for the people and human qualities, that leader may betray his people.

The party of the working class is the political organization that directs society, it depends on how the state organs and institutions serve the socialist society. Serve the people and put their interests before everything. This society has to fight against the abuse of power, bureaucracy and depraved and illegal acts. But that party will lose the confidence of the masses and the socialist ideal will disappear.

All this is the clarification that I have obtained from reading, it is probably not perfect but it was not my intention to bore my friends repeating every word of our leaders, my great contribution to this seminar is the commitment of our Association to internalize and materialize those teachings in his day to day, is the best way to honor the memory of the leaders and renew our vows of fidelity to the people of Korea every day.

Jaime Gómez Arjona
Director of Study Group of Juche Idea in Valencia.

Mail: valencia@korea-dpr.info


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