Lyudmil Kostadinov (Bu.)

Socialism based on Juche is invincible

In his work “Socialism is a science” published on November 1994, Kim Jong Il, eternal general secretary of the Workers Party of Korea said: “Socialism is a science. Socialism has been frustrated in a number of countries, but scientific socialism is as alive as ever in the minds of the people. The imperialists and reactionaries are fussing about the “end of socialism”, with regard to the events in some countries which had been building socialism. The renegades of socialism try to justify their despicable betrayal, claiming that the ideal of socialism itself is invalid. However, the truth cannot be concealed or obliterated. The crumbling of socialism in various countries does not mean the failure of socialism as science but the bankruptcy of opportunism which has corrupted socialism. Although socialism is temporarily experiencing a heart-rending setback because of opportunism, it will without fail be revived and win ultimate victory for its scientific accuracy and truth.”

The historical task of putting socialism on a new scientific basis was successfully solved by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, who created the Juche idea and, on this basis, evolved an original socialist theory.

The scientific accuracy and truth of the socialism based on Juche idea have been  confirmed by the successful practical experience of the Korean revolution.

The strength of a socialist society is based on the trust and support of the working class and the people. And the trust and support of the masses is gained only through the development and implementation of proper politics, the ability to convince the masses of the correctness of this policies and to secure their support.

At first glance, it seems easy and obvious, but the history of the world revolutionary movement showed that even countries and parties with enormous prestige and experience failed to put into practice these principles for an extended period and consequently lost the confidence of the masses and were defeated.

By contrast, the Socialism centered on man is the most scientific socialism which over the past 74 years, never lost the confidence and support of the masses and  therefore successfully overcome all the trials of history.

President Kim Il Sung, founder of socialist Korea, believed in his people as in Heaven since his youth. This is the reality of DPRK – the leaders of the country worshipped the people as the God!

In his memoirs With the Century, president Kim Il Sung wrote: “The people are my God this is my constant view and motto. The principles of Juche, which calls for drawing on the strength of the masses who are the masters of the revolution and construction, is my political creed. This has been the axiom that has led me to devote my whole life to the people.”

He regarded the masses of the people as omnipotent beings possessed of inexhaustible strength and wisdom, and raised their position and role in the historical development to the highest possible level.

The word “’people” was included in the names of the country, as well as in the names of such monumental structures as the Grand People’s Study House, People’s Palace of Culture, People’s Theatre, People’s Open-air Ice Rink, People’s Recreation Ground etc. This word is not abstract concept or mere symbol. It refers to the masses of the people who are leading a dignified life in socialist Korea.

All the lines and policies pursued by the ruling Worker’s Party of Korea and the government are for the good of the people and everything serves them. Some examples are thee Agrarian Reform Law and the Law for Sexual Equality from 1946, the universal free medical care system established in the days of the Korea war (1950-1953), the universal free education system from 1959, the universal 11-year compulsory education system in 1975 and the universal 12-year compulsory education system which is now in force.

Chairman Kim Jong Il carried forward this noble idea of President Kim Il Sung. He said: “When the socialist system is established, class contradictions are eliminated and relationships between people are transformed from those of contradictions and mistrust into those of love and trust. In socialist society, love and trust flourish in the social community and between its members and among the individuals in society; they are demonstrated in the most sublime form between the leader and his men. When all members of society proudly maintain their socio-political integrity with the result that the leader and his men, and the Party and the people are all tied by love and trust and the whole of society has been transformed into a socio-political organism, their life is the most worthwhile and beautiful life. The society that has realized this is a most solid and dynamic society. Socialism centred on the masses fully embodies comradely unity and cooperation and the relationship of love and trust in all spheres of social life.”

True to his predecessors intentions, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visits wherever the people live and work, including residential buildings, factories, farms, fishing villages, scientific research institutes, construction sites, schools, kindergartens, orphanages and rest homes.

He would often say: “I will pluck a star from the heavens if it is the wish of the people; there cannot be satisfaction in the work for the people; we must work with devotion for the people until our shoes are worn out.

Under his wise leadership, the DPRK is making a leap forward in all spheres of social life. The people living standard is steadily improving. The production in all economic sectors increased by giving full play to the spirit of self-reliance and self-development. 

Socialism based on Juche idea is invincible!

Lyudmil Kostadinov 

Bulgarian group for study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism


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