Martin Lötscher (Ch)

The Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL is the Brilliant Teacher of Socialism

25 years have passed since the great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il published the treatise Socialism Is A Science as a historic work on November 1, Juche 83 (1994).
In the work he explained the character of socialism in a scientific and comprehensive way.
He published this important work shortly after the demise of the great Leader President     Kim Il Sung.
At this time, shortly after the collapse of socialism in some countries, the imperialists and reactionaries claimed the ”end of socialism” and said that ”socialism has failed” and is ”wrong even in the theory”.
They also thought that President Kim Il Sung‘s sudden demise could leave a ”vacuum” in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and its development. But they were wrong.
In his work, Comrade Kim Jong Il explained in depth why socialism in Korea continues to go well and why socialism in some countries degenerated and fell down.
With this work Comrade Kim Jong Il dealt a heavy blow to all anti-communist reactionaries and to the Western bourgeoisie.
While the renegades of socialism placed ”class cooperation” and ”aid from the West” on high stage and degenerated as bureaucrats they lost the trust of the peoples.
But the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) is centred on the great Juche idea fathered by President Kim Il Sung.
He defined socialism as a people-centred philosophy and system based on the popular masses.
He clarified also that Marxism, even being scientific in its time, has its limitations because it is one-sidedly based on material and economic conditions.
Though the Juche idea declares man as the master of society. Man is the master of everything and decides everything.
It is the Juche idea which enlightens socialism as a real science.
It declares man as a social being with independence, creativity and consciousness. With these attributes, the Korean people was able to build successfully its man- and people-centred socialist society without any deviations. Herein lies the ”secret” of the superiority of Korean-style and Juche-based socialism.
Comrade Kim Jong Il said in his work:

”Socialism centred on man is the most scientific socialism.”

All these reasons cited here explain why the socialist revolution in Korea could develop victoriously even in the harsh period of the 1990s while on the same time the revisionist pseudo-”socialism” went to ruin.
Even under difficult economic sitiuations of hardship the DPRK overcame these problems with the Arduous March and the Forced March because the WPK always pursued a policy of virtue and love for the people and privileged the popular masses as the masters of society.
Like Comrade Kim Jong Il said in his work, the great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung regarded the people as the ”Heaven”. His life-long creed was ”The People are my God”. He did all for the people’s happiness.
A very important reason for the success of socialist Korea is that it is led by a political leader who is a man of virtue and who loves the people.
History proved that an incompetent leader of socialism, how good his intentions may have been once, brings socialism to degeneration, and socialism will end in treachery and ruin as the result.
Comrade Kim Jong Il stressed the need to transform the ruling party into a motherly party in which the cadres are the servants of the people and not vice-versa. The WPK is led from its beginning by the slogan We serve the people! This formed the single-hearted unity of the leader, the Party and the people.
The great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il‘s concluding remark

”Man-centred socialism, socialism centred on the popular masses, is absolutely scientific, and the most advantageous and powerful socialism. For its scientific accuracy and truth, socialism is sure to be victorious.”

clearly shows that he was the brillant teacher of socialism.
That is why the progressive mankind says that Korean-style Juche-based socialism is the most ideal socialism.
The great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il‘s historic work
Socialism Is A Science gives a powerful ideological weapon into the hands of all communists and shows the way for the building of a real socialism. It leads to the people’s paradise!
Today it is the respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un who continues to strengthen the socialist construction brillantly by adapting the credo of the mentioned historic work.

Martin Lötscher,
president of the Swiss Juche Idea Study Group (SJISG)
September 30, Juche 108 (2019)


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