Mikel Vivanko (Es)

Scientific character and veracity of the socialist theory of Juche About Socialism is Science

Socialism is Science is not only a fundamental work in the revolutionary history of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, but also in the history of progressive humanity in its struggle for independence and socialism.

Published in November 1994, written by the Great General, His Excellency Comrade Kim Jong Il, this work alerts of the dangers of capitalism, in addition to the turn towards it experienced by revisionist countries. It correctly states that ”in the societies of antagonistic classes it is impossible to achieve the independence of the masses; this is because they are all based on individualism, the product of the private property regime”. In opposition to it, ”collectivism implies the innate requirement of man. Only integrating a collective and acting within it can it exist and progress. Only through collective cooperation of the members of society, and not individually, is it possible to transform nature and society and make reality the demand for independence.” The Leader also strongly criticizes the ”collaboration between classes” advocated precisely by the exploiters and their acolytes.

It also reviews the socialist doctrine and points out its limitations, emphasizing the importance of the revolutionary subject, the Popular Masses, their strengthening and their elevation in the revolutionary process. Indeed, the practical experiences lived in this process in Korea, are those that make socialism scientific.

Later, he defines the characteristic features of the human being, and how socialism really focuses on him/her. In addition to biological life, the human being has a socio-political life that must be valued at a higher level. All this connects, of course, with the Juche Idea.

Towards the end of the text, Eternal General Secretary tells us about the benevolent policy of the Workers Party, the Mother Party. With its affection for the Masses it is certain that socialism will triumph!

Mikel Vivanko, Director of the Juche Idea Study Group (GEIJ) of Madrid, and Official Delegate of the Korean Friendship Association (KFA) in Spain

Mail: spain@korea-dpr.info


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