Roberto Gessi (It)

Contribution to the Swedish seminar on the 25th anniversary of the publication of ”Socialism is a science”

We are here to recognize the creative genius of a great and versatile intellectual leader, KIM JONG IL, who has left us beautiful poems and sublime music, but here it is a question of extolling his philosophical masterpiece, the systematization of Idea Juche, ” Socialism is a science ”, in the 25th anniversary of its publication in the Rodong Sinmun.

At the same time I thank our guests with whom we are pleased to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Idea Juche Swedish Study Group on the theme ”Scientific accuracy and truth of the Idea Juche-oriented socialist theory”, which I thank for having hosted us in this very interesting North-European seminar.

On this occasion we are pleased to recall the excellent work of the seminar held a few months ago in Sofia, which you can consult on our internet pages in the section ”Texts in digital format” in chronological order; where you will find this seminar soon.

To govern a process or a state involves similar difficulties since even the maintenance of a certain kind of stability is not possible except through successive adjustments and constant improvements.

Governing is a complex art at least as much as if not more than making a revolution.

Every Government encounters fewer difficulties if it meets the unanimous popular consensus.

This is the ”peculiarity” of the Idea Juche.

However, to paraphrase our president ”… we cannot talk about the generalissimo KIM JONG IL except starting from the great leader, the presiding KIM IL SUNG.

Comrade KIM IL SUNG was the greatest strategist, philosopher, statesman and political genius who has ever combined these different faculties in one person, to the utmost of their expression, no one has ever been able to match him since he has memory of it.

As a strategist he equals and exceeds the abilities of General Sunzi, he equals and exceeds the empathic abilities of a Garibaldi to attract to himself people in battles and almost impossible enterprises that he resolves in great victories, equals and exceeds the capacities of Marx in leading the path towards the socialism from an economic sphere to a humanistic one, from a natural historical process to the initiative of the masses of the people (the victory of the revolution does not lie in the objective conditions, but in the strengthening of the consciousness of the popular masses), equals and exceeds the practical sense of Engels in realizing paths that fit perfectly into the three laws of Engels, or dialectical materialism, equals and exceeds the abilities of the greatest statesmen of the world.

That said, only the eclectic genius of a great intellectual, like KIM JONG IL, could not only systematize the Idea Juche in a precise philosophical context, but also understand its harmonic development with the Songun principle.

The Idea Juche, as can be seen from the systemization of Comrade KIM JONG IL, interprets Engels’s three laws in a much more effective way by moving the path towards socialism from a working relationship dependent on the dominant classes to the consciousness of the population , including that ruling class, which thwarted its success, which renounces its privileges for love of its people and its leader, the leader of all, the only leader.

It is always necessary to think that in the Idea Juche when one speaks of the centrality of the man or man master of his own destiny or in another sense in which the concept of man is expressed in the singular, and yet there does not exist in this formidable idea no concept of man in the singular, man is always to be understood in the plural, except in the fundamental concept of Leader.

So for example when we say that man is the master of everything (in the Juche idea the concept of owner is always closely linked to the concept of responsible) or that man decides his own destiny means in effect to say that the popular masses I am the master of everything and the popular masses can decide their own destiny.

The ideological conquest of the popular masses is the means by which to effectively make them master of everything and their destiny, and in this process only their independence from external forces can guarantee their success.

When the popular masses are ideologically informed, success is guaranteed by their creativity and their cultural and technical level.

It should be noted that too often socialism is represented as a state achieved, but there is nothing more wrong with this approach as instead it is a complex process that requires for example the conditions mentioned above and others even more important like the recognition of  whole population in a leader in which all the people can feel like one person (the love relationship has a great importance in the Idea Juche).

Furthermore, once this longed-for state of socialists is reached, there are still conditions to be avoided and others to be pursued in order to keep this state alive and indeed make it progress, other conditions that if they are not pursued they make socialism fail.

Both the process for the achievement and the maintenance of the socialist state can only be achieved through the principles of the three laws of dialectical materialism, that is, through a perennial and relentless revolution, which is able to constantly improve the relations and well-being of this society .

Therefore the cultural, technical, ideological characteristics and for example creativity must be continuously stimulated and the values of the Idea Juche must be continually revived, moreover independence cannot be sufficient if an ever greater level of self-sufficiency and the continuous encouragement  to improve, to excel both in the productive processes in which one operates and in the bureaucratic streamlining in order to make the relationship of the cadres with the bases more and more friendly and to make the public offices more and more productive so that no delay is tolerated, and therefore that no abuse is perpetuable, that no corruption has reason to exist, but if it occurs, that the created environment is able to reveal it immediately, lazy or corrupt officials sent immediately to a re-education are punished, there is the utmost respect for the new generations and everything is done to make  a better land for people best.

The driving force must be continuously increased and this is possible only with a continuous increase in ideological education and the improvement of the living conditions of people with the greatest possible homogeneity between a farmer and a nuclear engineer, among a manager of 5-star hotel and the youngest of the hotel maids.

The genius and at the same time simplicity of the Idea Juche, and therefore also its beauty, as many scientists, mathematicians and physicists could claim, lies in the fact that it exerts a strong influence on the spiritual and moral life of the human being, which in turn, with its creative abilities illuminated by the Idea Juche, it determines the process of revolutionary transformation of the world, making itself empathetic to all the peoples who in turn desire their independence and towards whom the Korean socialist society has always shown maximum generosity and courage.

Only if the revolution continues during the management of socialism, only if there will be no form of productive, ideological, cultural, motivational stagnation and instead a continuous increase in the propulsive forces of progress of the socialist society will be perpetrated, then socialism will be saved and will progress, only if the leaders will be properly prepared to keep the bar straight without any hesitation (such as amply demonstrated by our beloved Marshal KIM JONG UN against the imperialist forces), in the Juche ideology and will be prepared for the success of their strategies, the socialism can be perpetrated.

Only a strong Leader of the unanimous support of all his people will be able to achieve otherwise unattainable successes in defending his independence against any opportunistic distortion, against any embargo, against any threat of war and against any imperialist attack, as actually demonstrated by this valiant Korean people before the liberation of the homeland and in the seventy years since the socialist constitution and for the years to come, of this we are sure because the Idea Juche for socialism is science and is scientifically proven.

In fact, after 70 years, we can now confirm that, given the numerous failures of socialisms implemented in other countries with different orientations, the socialism oriented by the Idea Juche is the only one that not only has survived in its initial formulation, but also that he has steadily progressed on his path.

This gives socialism inspired by the Idea Juche the undivided title of scientific socialism, as the great leader KIM JONG IL rightly supported in the work we are celebrating ”Socialism is a science”.

I thank the comrades who preceded me for their very interesting expositions and considerations on the Idea Juche and I invite them to stay connected with us through every initiative that has as their theme the Idea Juche, which we will gladly publish and advertise on our pages to push the popular conscience to know and appreciate more and more the form of socialism inspired by the Idea Juche, in the hope that one day not too far away will be the world itself to give back to the DPR of Korea the great gift they have given to us with the scientific socialism inspired at the Idea Juche, with the realization of many scientific socialisms inspired by the Idea Juche and widespread all over our planet.


Roberto Gessi, director of La VOCE, organ of dissemination of G.A.MA.DI. (Atheist Dialetic Materialists Group)



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