Thomas Lösch (Au)

The Scientific and the Truthfulness of the Socialist Theory of Juche

In the year 1994, Leader Kim Jong Il wrote his magnificent Work “Socialism is a Science”.

At this time, the order in the socialist countries in Eastern Europe was eroded. More or less overnight the socialist countries of Eastern Europe including the great Soviet Union disappeared in the Years between 1989 and 1991; the first socialist experiment in Europe was over.

The progressive People all over the world were shocked and confused. Why this could happen?  Why the socialist system in Europe collapsed? Is the socialist system weaker than the capitalist system?

They asked themselves: „Why socialism is working in the DPRK is working well, even the country had to face a lot of difficulties and hardships.”

Kim Jong Il gave in his work the answer to all of this questions because he gave clear analyses on the theory of socialism.

He wrote:

“Our socialism is based on the Juche-oriented view of and attitude towards the masses of the people.”

The masses of the people are the motive force of History.

In his work he gave an exact answer to the Question. What is the definition of “Masses of the People?”

He wrote:

“The masses of the People mean a united social community which centers on working people, due to their common demand for independence and creative activity.”

Kim Jong Il also clarified in a very clear way the role and the function of the party.

He wrote:

“If the socialist ruling party is to be built as a motherly party, all cadres and party members should be educated in the spirit of boundless love and sincere service for the people.”

In is work Kim Jong Il specified the Unity between Leader, party and people.

He wrote.

“In our country, everyone regards and supports the leader as they would their own father. They trust and follow the Party, regarding its embrace as that of their own mother.

The leader, the Party and the people form one socio-political organism, and share the same destiny.”

Kim Jong Il finished his Work with the following sentences:

“Man-centered socialism, socialism centered on the popular masses, is absolutely scientific, and the most advantageous and powerful socialism. For its scientific accuracy ant truth, socialism is sure to be victorious.”

People all over the world should learn and study this outstanding work, Socialism is a Science written by the great Leader Kim Jong Il. They must look to the prospering politic and economic situation of the DPRK. Then they will realize that is even for small countries, possible to act in an independent and sovereign way, if they have their right political system and a good leader.

The DPRK under the wise leadership of Marshall Kim Jong Un who systematized the theory’s and ideas of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il to the theory of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism give the progressive people all over the world a right and correct perspective for their struggle for independence and sovereignty.

Long live the eternal President of the DPRK, Generalissimo Kim Il Sung!

Long live the eternal General-secretary of the WPK,

Generalissimo Kim Jong Il!

Long live the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, Marshall Kim Jong Un!

Long live the immortal theory of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism!

Long live the DPRK!

Thomas Lösch, Austria

Leader of the study group of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism in Vienna Austria



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